Losing your perfect smile because of a missing tooth can make you lose your confidence. In turn, this can impact your personal life and career. Dental implants have been found to effectively boost the overall confidence and morale of patients. This is because these implants look exactly like natural teeth that people will not know you are wearing them.

Dental implants are strong titanium alloy screw used while replacing damaged or missing natural teeth. They are drilled into the jawbone to allow the screw to firmly connect the artificial teeth. Also, these implants are used for giving support to loose and removable dentures.

Replacing your missing tooth is more than just cosmetic. By getting implants from a reputable cosmetic dentist in peoria you will be able to enjoy many benefits including the following:

Preserve Healthy Bone Structure

When a missing tooth is not replaced, the jawbone begins to degenerate as it believes it has done its duty. Over time, bone density and strength are compromised. A dental implant stimulates the bone and replacing the missing tooth with an implant will preserve the bone.

Save the Other Teeth

Some people think that there is no need to replace a missing tooth because nobody can notice it. However, every tooth you have has a specific function and needs other teeth to do their job. Your teeth work together to maintain their proper positions. If you have a missing tooth, it will create space for adjacent teeth to drift into. Also, this can eliminate the support it used to provide its lower or upper counterpart. The lack of support will cause the teeth opposite to the missing tooth to erupt.

Moreover, although you can get a bridge to replace your missing tooth, it requires the removal of healthy enamel from the adjacent teeth and putting crowns on them for bridge support. But, dental implants do not affect your healthy teeth.

Provide a Level of Freedom

A dental implant is a predictable permanent solution to restore your missing teeth.  You do not have to remove the implants and soak them in a cup before you shut your eyes. With these implants, you can eat any food you want and you don’t need to worry about having problems with your speech. With proper dental care such as brushing and flossing your teeth routinely (including your dental implants) as well as visiting your dentist regularly will preserve your smile forever.