If you still don’t know what an electronic cigarette is, it is a device operated by battery which emits doses of nicotine and non-nicotine solutions in a vaporized form for the vapers to inhale. It offers a similar sensation of inhaling tobacco without having to take in the smoke. These are also known s e-cigs and they’re electronic nicotine delivery systems which are promoted and endorsed as the best smoking cessation alternatives. Electronic cigarettes have been used by several all over the world as they initially appeared in the year 2004.

Vaping is currently the most famous form of tobacco use amidst the teenagers in America. Electronic cigarette use increased by 900% among the high school students in between 2010 and 2016. More than 3 million high school students had tried vaping e-cigs and this has showed that there are several non-smokers who never smoked but who took on to vaping and started causing harm to themselves.

The list of benefits of e-cigarettes

Before purchasing an e-cigarette, such as these UK Electric Cigarettes, you should know how exactly they help you and also how they can improve your health. Here are few points to keep in mind.

#1: E-cigarettes don’t carry tobacco

The most harmful thing in tobacco cigarettes is the compound called tobacco which burns and which releases the smoke that harms the human lungs in a very bad way. Due to the fact that cigarettes burn tobacco, they are deemed to be harmful but if you switch to e-cigarettes, you will get help as they burn nothing and hence they are much safer than tobacco cigarettes.

#2: Helps you quit smoking

E-cigarettes are marketed as the best products which help you in quitting smoking. When you smoke, you tend to complete the entire cigarette and hence you take in all the smoke that is generated from it. But when you switch to electronic cigarettes, you can take a few puffs and then keep aside the e-cig for some other time. This will gradually help you reduce the habit of smoking altogether.

#3: Lack of tar doesn’t lead to cancer

Due to the fact that there is no tar associated with e-cigs, this doesn’t cause any kind of harm to your lungs. All that you inhale from electronic cigarettes is vapor which might contain even a light strength of nicotine as per your wish. So, these devices aren’t directly related to causing deadly diseases like cancer.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco counterparts, keep in mind the above listed points. Get one for yourself if you’re trying to quit smoking.