The majority of dentists will recommend parents to brush the teeth of kids until they even turn seven. Even if it is time to let your child do the brushing themselves, you just cannot be there because they might miss a spot.  In fact, some kids may not really want to brush their teeth and dealing with them can be difficult. But, the tips below should be able to help you:

Brush your Teeth with your Child

Your child may be used to copy your talk or some things you do. You can take advantage of this by letting them follow you while brushing your teeth. Always do this with them. This teaches your little one that brushing their teeth is part of their daily routine. You can brighten up the routine by singing a funny song while brushing your teeth, for instance.

Involve the Entire Family

When your kid sees everyone in the family is brushing their teeth every day, they will want to join the fun. Involve everybody in the activity and turn brushing the teeth into a family affair. Do whatever can make brushing the teeth seem exciting and fun to help your little one get into a routine.

Help them Learn to Love the Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be a big factor that can hinder your child’s love of brushing their teeth. You can avoid this by helping them get into the habit of using toothpaste when brushing their teeth every morning and evening. Just make sure you let use toothpaste for kids.  Learn more about this at

Use Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes, it may take more time than you hope to get your child brushing their teeth without telling them. Frustrations can get in the way, but you can still instill good brushing habits in your little one.

Avoid making the dentist a kind of punishment by threatening your child to visit the dentist if they don’t brush their teeth. This can only result in your child fearing a dental visit. It is best to use positive reinforcement such as by giving a small reward. This can include giving them a special snack or extra minutes to play their favorite video games.

In order to get your child loving the habit of brushing their teeth, make the activity fun. This lets them look forward to it. This will help set your child to make positive decisions about their dental health in the future.